Psoas: muscle of the soul

Pelvic Floor: source of joy and vitality

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My name is Eva van der Plas, and I’m a passionate Healing Tao trainer, senior-teacher Le Tao de la Femme Lune®  and founder of the Psoas & Pelvic Floor Training. 

Since 2008 I have been diving intensively into the secrets of the psoas, the muscle that helps us to incarnate our soul in our body, and the pelvic floor, with it’s special combination of vulnerability and strength. 

Together, the posas & the pelvic floor are the ideal couple. They help you to deeply come home to yourself. 

I have been teaching more then 10 years about the psoas & the pelvic floor. Will you come and join me? I have a special offer for you!

It would be wonderfull to meet! Hope to see you soon! 

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First aid in stressful situations 


The stress that we experience in our daily lives, is held in our psoas-muscles. When they are tense, we not only get physical problems (like pain in your lower back and pelvic area), but we also are gradually moving further away from ourselves, our needs, and our boundaries.

To contact your psoas, helps you to deeply relax, to root yourself, and to feel how you are actually doing. It helps you to better face the challenges of your daily life, and to stay closer to yourself in all kinds of situations.

Support, resilience, vitality


Your pelvic floor forms the basis of your body. It literally carries your body weight from your pelvis up. When it’s muscles are too tense, or too weak, we do not only get physical problems (like incontinence of prolapse) but we will also experience also a lack of energy, resilience, and a feeling of not being able to support ourselves. 

A well-functioning pelvic floor is soft and strong at the same time, and gives you resilience and energy. Your pelvic floor helps you to support and carry yourself through life.

Fear and trauma


When our body does not want to feel certain painful events or memories, it creates tension at the spot of the emotional pain. The psoas and the pelvic floor mainly react to fear and trauma, but also to other emotions, like anger of insecurity.

These incapsulated memories can slumber in our body for a long time, like forgotten objects in the ice of a glacier. When the ice starts to melt, they can come to the surface. Old memories that are ready to be seen and healed with a soft inner smile.

Stronger together 


The psoas and the pelvic floor form a tremendous team!

A relaxed psoas creates safe conditions for consciously entering the pelvis.  The energy in your pelvic area can start to flow, and your pelvic floor can start to breathe and deeply relax.

A conscious psoas is there to root you, and to help you feel what you really need. A conscious pelvic floor is the basis for gently coming home in your own body. 

The secret of a strong pelvic floor and a vital psoas muscle is in the relaxation. In my trainings you will learn much more about that. Hope to see you soon!



My name is Eva van der Plas.  For more then 10 years I have been diving deeply into the miraculous depths a the psoas muscle, and the power and wisdom of the female pelvis. 

I am trained in Healing Tao, Tao Yin, Le Tao de la Femme Lune®, and Pelvic Floor Yoga. I’m also a student of psoas-expert Liz Koch. 

In 2013 I developped the Psoas & Pelvic Floor Training together with my collegue and best friend Paula Marissink

In my teachings I combine yoga, chi kung, dance, relaxation and daoist meditation (inner alchemy) into an original and powerful mix.  

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